Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Break

This Spring Break was full of alone time and adventures to Spokane.

The day after Finals were over I boarded a bombardier from the Seatac airport and headed on the 50 minute flight to Spokane. In the airport I spent my time people watching. Airports are probably the best place to people watch as you get to see people from all over and the ridiculous things they are wearing. Alright ladies, we all love our heels but really an airport is not the place for trying to be fancy. You all look ridiculous stumbling around with your feet killing you.

Upon arrival I met up with Andrew who drove me to the wonderful campus of Whitworth University.

While in Spokane I spent most of my days playing in the sun with the various people I hadnt seen for months. Mainly slacklining and playing frisbee. Lots of frisbee that week, went to both the boys and girls club practices and cant wait to see the teams at sectionals in three weeks, where I will probably spend most of my time watching them play games then my own team.

By night, I spent most of my time traveling to some of my favorite locations. These include Manito Park (up past the hospital) and the River Front, where I have spent many fun times with my good friend Derek.

The second to last day of my trip, Reid, Wes, and I took the small hike up the hill to overlook the city. Its awesome to just get away from everything and be safe above the city, there is something just refreshing and lovely about being so far up and detached.

The last day I spend mainly by myself after visiting Chelsea for a short time. i went to the borders and bought two books and read them while Johnathon Nicholson a local 6-string and 12-string guitarist played some really awesome music.

(A special thanks to Wes, Reid, and Hannah for spending so much time and keeping me occupied while I was in Spokane)

The day I left was very upsetting, but I was able to make it all the way back to Tacoma without breaking out into hysterical, hearthrobbing tears. :D I will forever love the person I am when surrounded by all my friends in Spokane. They are all awesome and unique people who will go far in life.

When back in the Tacoma area I spent most of my days with family and some days with friends. It was nice to just be able to take a break and relax after school and trying to adjust once again to a new situation in life. My parents were both home a lot during my spring break which was quite a change but it was nice to finally get to see them for more then two minutes without them disappearing.

A few days I made my way down to the waterfront where I slacklined and introduced the locals to the crazy idea of walking between two trees on a rope. I met an interesing old man who was very buff in his later age and had spent much of his youngers years ice climbing. He seemed a bit strange and gave off the impression that he didnt really trust people and prefered to be on his own, a man flying solo. I also met the cutest little baby, who had no reservations and came and gave me a big hug! His family is going to have a hard time keeping him away from the ladies ;)

The weekend I spent a lot of time with my adventure buddy Corrine! We were pretty chill though and spent our time talking over coffee and cookies in starbucks. We had one interesting night at a party at PLU.

The next night, Corri, her brother Tyler, her cousins Olivia and Eliot and their friend Kelsi and I all hung out. I met at Corris house where we celebrated Tylers birthday and then we broke off from there to find Mexican Coke, a cola, that is. We ended up down off of 320th at a little tienda where there were a bunch of creepy people hanging out. Corri ended up opening all the bottles on the side of a fire hydrant. Shes nifty to have around ;). Then we headed off down to the lobster shop to hang out at the beach on the playground down there. Between climbing the jungle gym, running through swings and taking jumping pictures it was a very successful night.

All in all, a spectacular spring break.