Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Summer, New Beginnings

A lot of firsts in this summer that has been speeding by! New house. Two hours away from friends and family. Not going home in the summer to be with my friends and family! Really weird. Im growing up little by little.

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First of all I started work at Bellingham Bay Gymnastics and Preschool! Seriously, what could be a better college job for me?! The "teachers" are amazing! The kids, well just like me they have their days. Some of my favorites definitely can make my day. There is little Suhayb who makes sounds effects before doing everything. claire who makes the silliest, cutest faces. Henry who is just everyones little buddy. Even the ones that can be complicated like Patrick whose new favorite thing to do is push your buttons. I could go on and on about the kids. But i will spare everybody reading this. My favorite part (at times) is getting to hang one on one with the kids who are running late. Just getting to play with them one on one and understand how they think when there arent a bunch of other little kids around.

Then there is the new house. Lets just say.....it needs a lot of help:) We all like the house and think it is really intense. But its poorly insulated, poorly taken care of, old, dirty, things are breaking left and right. But the people living here will make it great. So far I have mainly lived in the house by myself! Eric recently moved in, so thats been the beginning of the roomate situation. So far everything has been going pretty legit, its nice to have someone else around the house. Leo loooooves all the extra room to roam! He made his first great escape the other day and hid in the bushes poor baby:( O and Leo got a haircut!

With an exciting summer upon me and lots of fun to be had the last thing I wanted was a bum knee. But as is life. I ended up spraining my medial colateral ligament in my left leg. Six and a half week recovery. My knee is a little off at the moment which caused me a lot of sadness and destroyed a lot of summer fun I was planning such as slacklining, wakeboarding, skimboarding, frisbee playin etc! But I have decided maybe kayaking would be a good oppurtunity!

This weekend I am planning on heading up to Canada with some really awesome people!!!!!!!