Friday, January 22, 2010


This is my first blog about my life, adventures and crazy ideas the people I know and I come up with. Furthermore its a blog about people, whom I find more interesting the more people I meet. I refuse to live a boring life locked up like a hermit in a dark dengy cellar always seeking the light. Instead I choose to live my life looking to do the next best thing. Whether that be standing on a tunnel as a train goes by underneath or adventuring to Canada to meet up with people for a birthday party. Life is full of adventures and most people rarely leave their home to see what the city they live in have to offer. Well I refuse to be that person, always waiting for something cool to happen instead of chasing after a new adventure. Ill start by telling some old adventures and update as new ones come up.

Im at my second university after having transfered from my old one and its amazing the different variety of people that can be produced, not one single person like another. Everyone divulging secrets and thinking there own thoughts. O what a place we live in that so many people can be soo different but inhabit the same area and call it home. Today on campus I saw a sign that said "20mph when children are present". I had to stop and think, how often are children runnig around a college campus, I mean yes there are some ridiculously genius kids, but no offense i doubt they would be at this college if that was the case. Furthermore, what could the speed limit be on the street then? There are no other speed limit signs that I can see. Unless the school is trying to state as college students we are kids? I feel thats very judgemental though not all of us still act like highschool kids running around looking for the next big party to get drunk at.

Thats my story of the day thanks for stopping by:)

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