Thursday, September 9, 2010

Summer coming to an end.

July and August were obviously the time for sun, weddings, and of course adventures.

On the off chance that one of my roomies was up in Bellingham there were always some fun things a happening. One day we went down to Boulevard to hang in the sun set up a slackline. There was this crazy lil French kid down there that was just a little too much to handle. hahahhaa. Erik I think at one point was pretty close to strangling the kid ;). Another weekend Erik, Kaitlin and I spent a night walking around at the local artwalk in bellingham. It was awesome to see all the different styles of art. There was even one lady who did wool art, super unique. There were also some amazing sketches. I wish I could remember all the artists names, but! If you are ever in Bellingham you will have to check it out for yourself.

Half way through August I went on the yearly trip to Lake Chelan with my family. The weird thing, it was just my mom, dad, brother and I for a change. It was relaxing and fun. Unfortunately I spent lots of my time doing nothing as I still had a bummed knee. However, it was nice to just hang out in the sun read about five books and be lazy and enjoy playing cribbage with my family. Needless to say I beat my dad and mom and brother at cribbage atleast once each:D Toward the end of the trip I set up my slackline and had a go at it for the first time in ages as it would seem. Lo and behold I had some takers. The cutest littlest kids would come over with there parents and let their kids have a go. One of the woman also had a go and decided she really wanted one. Now there are tons of pictures floating around of me helping kids walk on a slackline. Anywho, the vacation ending way to early as usual.

As I came back from vacation it was the last week of summer camp at work. lets just say there is something awesome about being twenty and being allowed to talk like a pirate all week and call kids scallywags and telling them to scrub the deck:D

Next of course came my summer visit to Whitworth. Eee gosh i Love that place. I spent a lot of the day reading Eat, Pray, Love and writing in my diary which makes me happy. For most of the week you could find me out throwing a frisbee or ealking around with someone. It was nice to catch up and see familiar faces. These are truly people that make me into a better person. I spent lots of time with Reid watching some awesome batman movies and playing rock band with Andrew, Ben, Reid and Cam was probs one of the most entertaining things. The first night we frolfed! It was soo much fun just getting a group together and going to play at night together. Nikki's house was awesome and let me hunker down at their house all weekend and were the best hosts ever:D Sarah and I had some legit talking sessions about Tacoma and high school and just drinking tea and coffee in the mnorning was awesome. Spent some time up on a roof with Bryce and his friends talking about God and spiritual matters and all other types of nonsense. Then this kid George and I went on an epic walk and found a CASTLE, okay so it wasnt a real castle but it was still kind of cool. Then believe it or not! Wesley finally got his butt up to Spokanistan. So happy to see him:D We hung out and hung some pictures up in his room which was awesome. Then we tossed some frisbee, slacklined a bit, the usual. The last morning I went and watched the sunrise with my friend Derek just like old times. Made me extremely happy:D Then once again it came too soon but I had to leave so back to Tacoma I headed.

That weekend I spent a memorable night at PLU. Lets just say I feel like I was entrusted with the awesomeness of phleuger. I got the greatest welcome from Joseteph!What comes next is grand! I put on a toga and went to yell off. This is a freshman slash RA etc. thing where all the dorms just go and compete. It was awesome. Then there was an awesome dance party that i snuck into.

Then back to Bellingham with my cat Leo. But this is exciting guess who finally moved back! JJ! woot! So this week has been pretty fun filled with some slacklining, dinner making, movie watching and hanging out. Then there was the night of playing quelf......I feel like this does not need to be discussed beyond JJ talking to her foot, me telling stories, Branden never actually sitting at the table and Dylans preacher talking:D And its only gonna get better when I go to Canada tomorrow with some PLU girls and JJ!

All in all sometimes its hard to say where I belong, its like i leave a peice of me everywhere I go:)


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