Sunday, September 12, 2010


I have gone to Canada soo many times that I am losing track of just how many times I have gone. The thing about Canada is tons of Americans claim hate for Canada without really having a reason. Me, personally, I LOVE Canada. Or atleast the parts I have seen and the people I have met. For one getting across the border into Canada, easy, peasy lemon squeezy! Few quick questions and hey come on in. The people you meet are usually pretty cool and welcoming of you. (this also may be because when I usually go up I am with a bunch of attractive people and the young men are thinking "easy american girls"). Definitely not the case but Hey doesnt mean we cant be nice and flirt back as well! Also, Canada will take American money hey no problem money is money. Okay you go five minutes across the border and we wont even accept a Canadian penny.....stingy. Anywayyyysss on to the adventure.

So JJ and I began our journey a little bit earlier then our friends. Leaving at about 1ish? maybe. We drove the quick 20 or so minutes to the border and the lazy asked us some non chalant questions and sent us on our way. We were both stoked to be getting to canada.

Anyone ever notice how fast Canadians drive on the freeway up there? Shheshh. Its like driving I-90 when you know you are in the middle of nowhere and the chances of a cop hanging out are slim. But seriously we were like 10 minutes from a city.

Anyways upon arriving in Canada we set off looking for the hotel that Corrine was describing on Barard St next to the really nice hotel. First of all because of all the one way streets we were a lil screwed and it took us forever to get there. So across the street from our hotel is a five star mansion of a hotel. Ours looked about as awesome as a holiday 8 motel from the outside. Inside though was not too bad. I signed in a Corrine Spencer got two keys and headed up to our room. Lets just say the open courtyard in the middle was pretty entertaining. The room was small and smelt silly but hey it would work.

Next JJ and I hit the downtown for some shopping and dinner! We stopped by the tattoo place and found an artist for me to consider and then continued on our way. In the end we didnt do much shopping but ended up at Red Robin where we ordered Bellinis and saw two of about maybe thirty African Americans in Vancouver.....Just kidding in the most realistic way possible. We tried deciding whether the people sitting next to us were gay and enjoyed our meals. Next we stopped to get some delicious cupcakes and grab some sprite. After dropping that at the hotel we went to look for a liquor store. Bought some growers and headed back to wait until the rest of the girls arrived. Watched some two and a half men and relaxed while eating our awesome cupcakes. Then with 30 minutes till the girls' arrival we started getting ready because of the lack of outlets in the 1 bedroom hotel for 7 girls......

When Corri, Breanne, Gianna, Julianne, and Yvonne got there the real fun began. We were all going about getting ready, laughing taking pictures, doing make up, it was an awesome beginning to an even better girls night out:D

When it was finally time to leave (which JJ and I were really impatient for) we got in our group photo op and headed out.

UPon leaving what more could happen then a mentally ill man from the hospital across the street was running about screaming and walking across the street with heavy traffic. Great. But all ended well and he walked right back into the hospital.

The first club we went into we got in free of cover thanks to some awesome vip passes from the lady on the street. However this club was more scary then fun as we spent most of the time blinded by fog machines and fending off crazy men. So we headed out to go to one of Corri and I favorites, Tonic. Once again it pays to be a group of girls as we got in free.The scene there was definitely a little better. Though you still have to watch for the creepers, we got to dance with each other lots and each got a little action time with cute guys. Someone got a finger sucked during all this craziness:D baha. ( and no it was not me, Ill leave the person unamed) After a while we all were a bit tired and left. Some pizza was bought after much patience from me in the ridicdulousness of the lazy forgetting about us. We contemplated going on a cool PArty BUS! Then were harassed by some locals. In the end Gi, Breanne, and I stayed out a little bit longer and went for one more round at tonic. I danced with a nice cute headed guy named Kurtis and Gi found a winner as well. Poor Breanne got a weird guy with a sweater lurking on her, however she did have a nice guy talking to her in there earlier. Then we made the walk home. Laughed some more. Crunched 3 girls into each bed and fell into some sleeping.

In all a very successful night. Lots of awesome memories that cannot all be shared fully such as JJs facination with Cantonese!!!!

Its amazing times like these that make it hard for me to do things like sit at home and do nothing. I feel like there are so many amazing things to be done but we spend most of our time wallowed up in our homes. Maybe I just need to learn to be content with this, however I dont think I can. My mind and body focus on exploring and reaching out instead of living my life as a hermit.

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