Monday, October 4, 2010

End of Summer, Beginning of School

To start off all my roomies are finally moved in wooooO! The house has been way more exciting with all the roomies moved in. It is nice to have constant companionship and to be living with some awesome people. The house is usually in a constant state of mess, but we are all working on it. The first week of school found most of my roomates sick and now I am. I almost lucked out but I was not quite that lucky. Lots of echinacea and zinc for me! and tea too!

The first weekend back at school I went to the geofest frisbee tourney down in Olympia with Pachyderm! It was pretty awesome. Friday night Zach Starr picked me up about 10ish ( 2 hours after original departure time) lol. IN the car was Starr, Eric, Ben and I. About 30 minutes into our trip we also picked up Erika. It was a pretty awesome trip down! It was full of making fun of me for saying "Where I come from.....Tacoma" watching youtube videos and tossing a frisbee at a gas station. We were the last car in for the night at the house probably waking up everybody upon our entrance. The tourney was super awesome! Nice and warm and we ended up taking second! Lots of fun playing with the people and getting to know everyone on a better level. I took out Jesse Norton with my side...... I won a game of ninjas. In all a pretty exciting time and no new knee injuries! Afterwards we got back into the car and hung out in a parking lot got some taco truck food and went to starbucks. The lady at starbucks was greatly entertained by our ways. For one, a coffee mug needed to be emptied of beer to be filled with coffee. Then we headed back to the house which also had the party. Was entertained by 6 cup beer pong and people playing with nerf guns. Then at night we made our trip back home to Bellingham. IN all a verrrrry successful weekend that I just cannot do justice with words.

Then there was the first full week of school. Hard, challenging, fun. My classes are HUman osteology and Forensic anthropology, ecology of human variation, Ancient Greek 201, and Greek 400 teach/learn greek(independent study). Its gonna be a busy quarter for sure with work, school, frisbee practice, and intramural soccer. I love being in Bellingham right now and though life has been hard recently it has also been amazing and full of love and friendship!

Recently my grandma has been in and out of the hospital, which has been hard. My grandma means a lot to me. Please keep her in your prayers!

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